Thursday, February 22, 2007

British Army World War One Records

Dear Affiliates

British Army World War One records have arrived!

Now, even more chances to earn through the Affiliate programme has launched the much anticipated British Army World War One service and pension records – the second most viewed collections at The National Archives in partnership with The National Archives today launched online the first phase of the War Office (WO) service and pension records collections for approximately 2.5 million British soldiers who served from 1914 through to 1920.

Known as the WO363 British Army Service Records and WO364 British Army Pension Records, the collections will be released in a number of phases from today, starting with the early pension records. The online resource will provide vital details for family history researchers, military enthusiasts and family members wishing to learn more about the military service and experience of their ancestors.

The collections vary in detail, users will be able to discover key information in both, including physical description, regimental number, service history, locations served, date and place of birth, former occupation, next of kin and promotions.
The pension records, which relate to soldiers discharged on account of sickness or injuries sustained during the War, include the medical records relating to the disability for which a pension was granted.

The service records describe the careers of soldiers who completed their service, were killed in action, executed or died of their wounds or disease, and provide full details of their service, and where recorded, death.

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P.S. In addition we have also released over 54 million new records online for the British Phone Books Collection 1880-1984, Release 2 contains substantial new geographic coverage.
Be one of the first to visit Release 2 of our British Phone Books Collection (link to: (

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ancestry Update - Immigration

Ancestry Update

Welcome to the Affiliate update. Whilst adding to our unrivalled record collections, we have also launched Passenger Lists, the world’s largest immigration collection has just triplet in size.

Below is an article about the passenger lists of ships departing from the port of Hamburg.

If you have a German website, here is your chance to push to this new release

Ancestry Adds Hamburg Emigration Lists, 1850-1934

Ancestry has added the Hamburg Emigration Lists, 1850-1934 to its Immigration Collection. This database contains images of passenger lists of ships departing from the port of Hamburg, Germany from 1850-1934 (except for 1915-1919 during WWI). These records were created by the Staatsarchiv Hamburg and have been digitized from microfilm in partnership with them. The years 1890-1913 are searchable, with the names found in the index linked to actual images of the passenger lists, Unindexed images from 1850-1890 can be browsed by year.

The Hamburg passenger lists are a great source for researchers with ancestors from central and eastern Europe as approximately one-third of the people from these areas who emigrated did so through Hamburg. If you do not know the place of origin of your ancestor, the Hamburg, Germany Passenger Lists is a great place to begin looking for that information.

There are two groups of passenger lists in this database – Direct Passenger Lists and Indirect Passenger Lists. Direct Passenger Lists include the ships that left from Hamburg and went directly to their final destination. Indirect Passenger Lists include the ships that left from Hamburg and stopped at other ports on the way to their final destination.

Information contained in this database includes:

  • Name of passenger
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birth date (or estimated birth year if birth date is not available)
  • Birthplace
  • Occupation
  • Residence
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Relationship to head of family
  • Religion
  • Military Service
  • Final place of destination
  • Port of departure
  • Date of departure
  • Port of arrival
  • Shipping Line
  • Ship Type
  • Accommodation
  • Ship Name
  • Which flag sailed under
  • Source information (page, line, microfilm roll, and series numbers)

What does this new database mean for affiliates –

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Use the code below - together with your correct PID value - and you can create links to any of the pages under the umbrella... Here's the code -

Remember to insert your own PID and to change the link to any page on the Ancestry site. The easy way to create your own bespoke links.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New 1851 & 1861 Scottish Census release

Even more chances to earn through the Affiliate programme

In celebration of St Andrew’s Day, is pleased to announce the arrival of a double 1851 & 1861 census special for Scotland. This follows the release earlier this year of our first Scottish census for 1841.

The 1851 & 1861 Scottish censuses contain some fantastic detail on names and characters whose enduring legacies are known across the world, such as…Sir Thomas Lipton, grocer, and philanthropist who revolutionised the retail grocery trade or the noted author of Kidnapped and Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, both of whom would have been 1 year old or less at the time of the 1851 census.

Other luminaries from the world of literature as well as science and design include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the modern day telephone, John Boyd Dunlop, founder of Dunlop tyres and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, renowned Scottish architect and designer and main exponent of Art Noveau in Scotland.

Fully searchable, transcribed indexes, including address and occupational search capability for possibly the first time ever on these censuses. Details about parents, siblings and other relations who lived with them.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ancestry Updates

Ancestry Updates

Welcome to the update newsletter. Last month we launched our first census release for Scotland (1841) as well as further updates to our free access Birth, Marriage and Death collections-the place to start researching your family history.

Whilst adding to our unrivalled record collections, Ancestry has also been hard at work making exciting changes to other areas of the website.

You'll find new tools and features for creating, building and sharing your family trees as well as updates to the Ancestry Community section- great news for all of our members, new and experienced alike.

Scottish Census Update -

Since its launch last month, the release of our first Scottish census has proved a real success with Ancestry members. We'd like to take a moment to thank all our members for the great feedback received on this key collection release and for all the work affiliates have put in driving traffic to it.

In particular, you singled out the ability to search by address to be one of the real benefits and we'll certainly be looking to incorporate in future census releases for Scotland.

With around 2.6 million index names, the 1841 Scottish census holds similar significance to its English and Welsh counterparts as the first of the modern day censuses for Scotland.

The index is in a fully transcribed form at present. Our work with the General Register Office for Scotland, as the holders of these records, remains on-going to enable posting of the accompanying census images and we'll keep you updated on the progress.

Create, Build and Share your own experiences at -

Wouldn't it be great if you could build and preserve a rich picture of your ancestors' lives on-line? Well, now you can.

As an Ancestry member you can now build and save rich biographical pictures of your ancestors on-line including adding photos and key events which shaped their lives. You can also invite friends, relatives and other members to view your family tree(s) as well as import your existing family trees from another site or from your PC.

To start building pictures of your individual ancestors, you'll need to have created and saved a basic family tree on the Ancestry website. Read on to find out how you can do this, either by starting a tree on or by importing an existing tree from elsewhere.

Starting Your Family Tree -

With all our new website enhancements, there's really never been a better time to start building your family tree on (If you already have a tree saved on another website read our 'Importing your tree' section to find out how to easily upload your tree.)

To start your tree, simply click on the Family Tree or the My Ancestry tab and select the Start my Tree button. You'll be taken through 4 simple steps to create a basic family tree including yourself and your parents. You can return to update and continue building at anytime.

Using the Person and Family Views -

Once you've started a tree with, you'll be able to access the Person and Family views, using the tab options at the top of the page.

Person View will enable you to create a rich biographical picture of your ancestors' lives. You can include key events and add photos and reference sources such as census and birth, marriage and death information. You can also connect with other Ancestry members with similar research interests here too.

Family View enables you to add new family members and information about them. You'll find the family view tab located along the top of the page, above your family tree.

Importing your Family tree

Do you already have a family tree saved elsewhere? Now you can now easily import it into Simply click on the Family Tree tab and select the Upload a Tree (GEDCOM) link in the Start Your Family Tree section on the page.

Inviting other people to see your tree is a great way of getting other family members involved. They can help greatly in furthering your research and are also likely to have photos and other information which you can use to enrich your tree. Just look out for the green Share my tree button. You can also choose their level of view access and they will be sent an e-mail explaining why and what they will see on your tree.

Adding Photos -

Adding photos is a great way of creating a vivid picture of your ancestors and their lives. You'll find this option within Person View where you can easily add and remove photos at anytime.

Already have a family tree saved on Your existing family tree will be waiting for you and you'll be able to benefit immediately from all our latest enhancements. Simply visit the My Ancestry tab or the logged in homepage to access your current family tree.

We've also introduced an easier way of searching for records. Whilst has over 500 million records on-line, there are also vast amounts of member submitted records (contained in Family Trees) as well as periodicals and publications on-line. You can search for these records within the Stories and Publications tab new on the homepage.

Newspapers are fantastic sources of information for understanding what our Ancestor's would have read, seen and heard and for how they were living at the time. If you are typically looking for census, birth, marriage or death information then you should search with the Historical Records tab.

We hope that you have found this update informative and don't forget to make use of this new functionality - It's a great way to help increase those conversions.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Start Searching the 1841 Census Now…

Dear Publishers,

We’re pleased to notify you of the arrival of the 1841 English and Welsh census. is the only place on the web where you can search all England and Wales census records from 1841 to 1901 inclusive. Start searching the 1841 Census today.

Here's what the new collection means for you:

· A chance of to find information on both current and new ancestors through the 16 million indexed names contained in this census

· Details about parents, siblings and other relations who lived with them

· Clues that can lead you to additional family records

· A chance to grow your family tree

· More history to share with your family and friends.

Not yet ready to research your family history this far back in time? The 1841 census contains great information on how key figures of the day were living. Why not take a look at Queen Victoria listed simply as “The Queen”, Charles Dickens, Benjamin Disraeli and Florence Nightingale- to name just a few.

Get searching the 1841 Census now - New links up and running on Commission Junction.

Best regards,

The Affiliate Team

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Birth, Marriage and Death Records are now FREE

Dear publishers,, the UK’s largest family history site has added the complete collection of General Register Office (GRO) birth, marriage and death records online.

While other sites charge up to £50 for these records, for the first time ever, these indexes are absolutely free online with

Internet users will be able to access over 250 million names from 1837 and start researching their family history. Together with free access to the 1901 census on during the series of Who Do You Think You Are?, starting the journey of your family history has never been simpler. is the only UK website that has the complete collection of six censuses from 1851 to 1901 and birth, marriage and death records from 1837.

Banners and text links have been added to the Commission Junction interface so please take a look.

Any specific requests should be sent directly to

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Free 1901 Open Database

Dear Publishers,

Due to the success of the last 1901 UK census open database I am pleased to announce that will be running the campaign again from the 11th January until 17th Feb - That's free access to the 1901 index for a huge 6 weeks!

This campaign will be running in line with the hit BBC2 Series Who Do You Think You Are and is likely to cause a huge stir.New Free 1901 banners will be up and running shortly so please make sure that you check your CJ account and pick them up.

All previous 1901 banners will be updated so not everyone will have to change theirs.If anyone has any questions or requires additional copy/creative etc then please email me directly at

Thanks and enjoy the surge in genealogy traffic that's coming your way.